Salicylic Acid - Namasvi International
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Salicylic Acid

Description Colourless Crystalline Powder.
Odour Almost Odourless.
Melting Range 158.5 0 C to 161.0 0 C.
Appearance of Solution/Clarity & Colour of Solution Passes test as per B.P./I.P
Heavy Metals 20 ppm (max.)
Sulphated Ash/Residue on Ignition 0.1% w/w (I.P./B.P.Limit) / 0.05%w/w (U.S.P. Limit)
Chloride 125 ppm (max.) I.P./100 ppm (max.) B.P.
Sulphate 0.02% (max.) I.P./140 ppm U.S.P.
Related Substance Complies with the B.P. test
Loss of Drying 0.5% (max.) B.P.
Iron 2 ppm (max.) I.P.
Readily Carbonisable Substance Passes test
Assay 99.0% to 100.5% I.P./B.P., 99.5% to 101% U.S.P. of C7H6O3 with reference to substance dried over Silica Gel for three hours.


  • Packed in 25 kg double layer bags with additional outer packing of transparent bags