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Sodium Hydroxide Pellets


Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Industry : Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Production (Synthesis, Saponification, Cleaning and pH-adjustment) Fine and laboratory chemicals (Synthesis and Analyses)

Miscellenious Industries : Plastic manufacture (Saponification of dispersing agents, pH-adjustment, Reactivation of catalyst) Ethoxylation (Catalyst) Gas cleaning (Absorbent of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, humidity and acidic gases) Surface treatment of metals (Degreasing and Cleaning) Electroplating bath (Alkaline baths) Mirror manufacture (Silver plating bath) Photo (Emulsion production and Developer bath) Nuclear Power Stations (Storage of nuclear fuel and Regeneration of anion exchangers)

Food Industry : Dry Milk Products (Whey powder, Coffee creamers and Food thickerners) Emulsifiers (Mono and diglycerides and Alginates) Instant Coffee (Cleaning of production equipment and pH-adjustment) nstant Tea (pH-adjustment) Edible oil (Hydrogen gas production for fat hardening)

Electronic Industry : Chips, Photoresists, Semiconductors and PCB (Production and Stripping of photoresists and Etching of metallic silicone)

Batteries and Electrolysers : Batteries (Electrolyte for both disposables and rechargeables) Hydrogen gas production (Electrolyte for electrolysers


Descriptions/Appearance White Lenticular Deliquescent Pellets
Identify Na: Passes Test
OH: Passes Test
Assay (NaOH) min 98.00% Min
Carbonate (as Na2CO3) 1.00%
Chloride (CI) 0.0050%
Sulfate (So4) 0.0050%
Iron (Fe) 0.0010%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 0.0005%


1 Chemical formula NaOH
2 MW 40.00
3 CAS Number 1310-73-2


  • 50 Kg New Barrels. For Sea shipment with UN Approved