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Poly Aluminum Chloride

POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE is an industry standard primary coagulant which is used in the treatment of drinking water, sewage and industrial effluents and is also a well as established paper processing aid.

We provide Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) in both Liquid and Powder Form. This product is used as a flocculent and coagulant in Water Purification, for Treatment of Drinking / potable water, Waste-Water treatment and in Paper Industry for Sizing process. Poly aluminum chloride (PAC) is an aluminum-based coagulant. Its highly charged polymer chain polymerization of aluminum ions and colloidal particles in water with high efficiency and power in and bridging flocculation function.

PAC products are used in water treatment for removal of suspended solid (Turbidity) and other contaminants such as natural organic matter from surface water, Micro-organisms and colloidal particles. Silt and clay are stabilized by surface electrostatic charges, preventing the particles from coalescing. It is advantageous in water of low to moderate turbidity, possibly because of the greater charge neutralizing capacity relative to alum.


Longer chain of molecules, higher weight and a large number of Ionic charges makes more effective Coagulating and flocculating agent as compared to traditional Aluminum Sulphate (i.e. Alum)


Specification PAC-30%
Appearance Off White to Pale Yellow Powder
Aluminum as Al2O3 % by mass, min 28
Basicity, percent by mass, min 35
Chloride as cl, percent by mass, max 33.0
Sulphate as SO4,percent by mass, max 10
Bulk Density, gm/ml, Min 0.65

Toxic Substances, ppm, max

  1. Mercury (as Hg)
  2. Arsenic (as As)
  3. Cadmium (as Cd)
  4. Lead (as Pb)
  5. Iron (as Fe and Manganese as Mn)
  6. Chromium (as Cr)

  • 0.6
  • 15
  • 18
  • 90
  • 300
  • 45
Insoluble, Percent by mass, Max 1.50
pH (5% Soln.), w/v 2.5-4.5

Key Features and Benefits

  • Economical
  • Flocculation is faster
  • Polyelectrolyte requirement reduces
  • No added alkaline additivesr
  • Suitable at wide PH value
  • Removes heavy metals and radioactive substances to water pollution